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How-to video: Using HootSuite to manage Twitter accounts

Brief synopsis: A teacher in today's digital classroom who is using the social media tool, Twitter, will most likely want to place students using Twitter into groups. Plus, teachers may have more than one Twitter account. In order to maintain excellent organization of groups and Twitter accounts, a third-party application like, HootSuite, is necessary.

Benefits: HootSuite is a third-party Twitter application that organizes an individual user's Twitter accounts and helps the user create groups and organize various streams -- all in one place. HootSuite includes

HootSuite Pro - Social Media Dashboard

a URL shortener, which makes adding lengthy web site addresses easy, even with Twitter's 140-character limit. HootSuite has many drag-and-drop features, making organization of multiple accounts and Twitter columns easy and user-friendly.

HootSuite provides embed codes, so users can embed various Twitter streams into blogs, wikis or other web sites. HootSuite has a mobile application, so users can easily download it to their Smart Phones for free.

Drawbacks: As a third-party Web 2.0 application, running Twitter streams, HootSuite may be blocked by school district servers.

Conclusion: The how-to video above demonstrates how to use HootSuite to manage Twitter accounts.