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How To Video: Create a Classroom Blog Using KidBlog

Quick synopsis: No matter what grade or subject you teach in your digital classroom, a classroom blog is a wonderful way to communicate with students and parents. A staple Web 2.0 application, Teachers can learn how to create a classroom blog in 5 minutes or less, using KidBlog. A classroom weblog, or classroom blog, provides teachers and students with an online classroom environment. The classroom blog, hosted by KidBlog, can be used by both teachers and students as a method of communication. The teacher blog might have pictures and graphics that add enrichment to the assignment. Students can view a classroom blog and teacher blog posts from any place that has Internet connectivity. The teacher can assign blog posts and monitor them in an organized Content Management System.

Benefits: makes it easy to create a digital classroom environment. Kidblog also provides students with blogs of their own. The student blog serves as an online folder, where students place assignment blogs, as well as a place to interact with other students by reading their blog posts and commenting. Students can also comment on the teacher's blog posts, demonstrating learning online. The teacher has complete control of what is shown to other students.

Drawbacks: Because there is currently no cost associated with KidBlog, templates and other features are limited.

Conclusion: This how to video demonstrates how to use blog technology in your classroom using KidBlog, in 5 minutes or less.