How-To Videos for the
technology classroom

How to video: Use TeacherTube in the classroom

Quick synopsis: As a teacher, you can create or share virtually any video with your students. Now, you can easily learn how to register for TeacherTube and upload a video that can be viewed by students and parents. Then, students and parents can easily bookmark your TeacherTube videos and locate them anytime for easy review.

Benefits: There are many ways to use TeacherTube for a digital classroom experience. You can share information about yourself and your class, or you can create amazing instructional TeacherTube videos for use in the classroom or on any computer with Internet access. Unlike YouTube, most district servers do not block TeacherTube.

Drawbacks: Unlike YouTube, TeacherTube is limited in what it offers, and the video upload process can be cumbersome.

Conclusion: The above how-to video shows you how to use TeacherTube in your classroom, by demonstrating how to register for TeacherTube and how to upload a video of your own, in 5 minutes or less.