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How-to video: Creating and following Twitter hashtags

Brief synopsis: A Twitter hashtag is a word, abbreviation or acronym, preceded by the pound/number sign. For example, #Learnitin5 might be a Twitter hashtag.

Benefits: The Twitter hashtag is a powerful way to follow conversations on a topic of interest. Similarly, the hashtag is a good way to create a Twitter conversation. The Twitter hashtag collects tweets and organizes them into one Twitter stream. These hashtag Twitter streams can then be followed by clicking the hashtag link, using a third-party Twitter application like TweetChat, or by creating the hashtag stream on a Twitter service like, HootSuite or TweetDeck.

Drawbacks: Unless organizing Twitter hashtags with a third-party application, they can be somewhat confusing. It's easy to forget to add the #hashtag to tweets, meaning others following the hashtag won't see your tweet.

Conclusion: The how-to video above demonstrates how to use Twitter hashtags

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