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Assistive Technology For Dyslexia

The 3 Most Promising New Methods |} Birth Control for Guys , Explained

A pill, a gel, and a non invasive vasectomy are making Their way through clinical trials. |}


Sexually active men have scant options to control their fertility: They could |} Get a vasectomy, use condoms, or attempt the suspicious"pullout" method. |}

These choices are far from perfect. Condoms can be cumbersome, vasectomies Require more surgery to reverse, and pulling out is, well, not exactly a trusted form of birth control. |} That may be why a majority of men in polls have said they'd welcome a hormonal birth control pill.

Every once in a while, breathless headlines appear suggesting a new male Contraceptive is right around the corner -- like the recent tales about a sperm-suppressing pill out of the University of Washington (more about that later).

Nevertheless the new options never seem to materialize. When they did, public health Scientists have estimated, we would see the speed of unplanned pregnancies tumble.

Though a pill for men definitely isn't coming to the pharmacy anytime soon, Regrettably, there is reason for (dull ) hope. Several promising products are quietly making their way through clinical trials. |} A topical gel that blocks sperm production is the furthest along in development, followed by a hormonal pill contraceptive and a non invasive vasectomy. |}

But before we get into the new science of male contraception, it's Important To comprehend why discoveries in this arena have been missing for so long.

For the most part birth control has just been very exclusive to women with The exception of condoms. |}

Birth Control Is Quite significant as it helps prevent pregnancy and it also Can assist in preventing STDs depending upon the type of birth control used.

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It may help with regulating intervals, clearing up skin, and assist with Hormonal problems as well.

However, until only recently, birth control has been mostly for women. Now, There is a birth control shot which was effective in decreasing a guy's sperm count and has had a success rate of 96%.


Earlier this new birth control shot for men has been created, hormonal birth |} Control was just exclusively for women. The options included female condoms, the Pill, and patches to list a couple.

For men, the sole birth control options were the pullout method, vasectomies, and condoms.

However, these options aren't always the best and sometimes not quite Effective as a birth control method. They are sometimes forgotten or done the wrong manner or be very permanent.

This is why the birth control shot for men Is an Excellent alternative for arrival Control for men. {

Side Effects Of The Male Birth Control Shot |}

Researchers have been working incredibly hard to get the birth control shot For guys just right. It has taken them a long time and they are working on the right mixture of hormones to prevent pregnancy and the limitation of unwanted effects.

Some of those side effects that may occur from the male birth control shot muscular pain. |}

Some men also experienced a higher sex drive and a few acne.

As per Guttmacher Institute, roughly 40% of pregnancies which occurred In 2012 were unintentional.

This means is that there needs to be more options for birth control and Having a breakthrough for male birth control could be critical to answering this situation.


There's been a recent breakthrough in a new study which was conducted by Mario Philip Reyes Festin, |} MD, of the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

From the Tiny studies They've done, they found injectable contraceptives in Men with normal sperm counts have helped restrain unwanted pregnancies. |}

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The study was conducted on men between 18 and 45 years old with a constant |} Spouse of over a year between the ages of 18 and 38. |}

In order to suppress the men sperm count, the men were given 200 Mg of progestogen (norethisterone enanthate) and 1000 milligrams of an androgen known as testosterone undecanoate (TU). |}

The two injects were given to the men every 8 months for 26 weeks and it assisted Reduce sperm count.

Results Of The research

After the study was completed, it was noted that 96 percent of those men who Continued with the male birth control taken had the ability to successfully prevent pregnancy.

At the next round of research, just 4 pregnancies were reported among this entire study.

However, in the end, the study was stopped because men were complaining About the side effects. {

Conclusion |}

Even though the male birth control shot is showing a lot of signals that it will Work, more research still needs to be done prior to this birth control method may be broadly used by men as a birth control choice.

There are some side effects which have to be considered as well as mended.

It Needs to Be noted that the male birth control shot still doesn't prevent STDs And, for those who are having casual sex, then it is still better to use a condom to prevent the passing of ailments.

As well, in the end of it, the study was called off because of the side Impacts of this shooter. {Many men were whining about the side effects that women experience on a regular basis when they have their span. |}

This may upset some women the research was stopped because men were Complaining, but it does not mean that there will not be more progress in this method of birth control.

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Finally, the study will be completed and There'll be a new kind of Birth control readily available for men in the shape of a shooter.