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Novels About Autism Uk

21 Gift for Autistic Children -- The Ultimate |} Guide

Locating"just the Ideal gift" for a child with autism spectrum disorder |} (ASD) is not necessarily a simple task. Due to the numerous sensitivities and needs that lots of children with disabilities might have, it's important to carefully consider what sorts of gifts are a good fit.


In an effort to assist families and friends find something unique for someone |} They adore with autism, we have prepared an ultimate gift guide. But before going further, let's first examine what makes children with autism exceptional. ASD is described as a complex neurobehavioral condition. This might consist of challenges in social interaction, as well as in developmental speech and communication abilities , combined with rigid, repetitive behaviors. An ASD diagnosis covers a mix of symptoms, abilities , and needs, which can be different for everybody.

Sensory needs of children with autism

Many children with autism experience problems in processing sensory information. Because of this, they often crave matters linked to their sensory needs. To better comprehend the various sensory needs of children with ASD, let us discuss the different sorts of sensory-seeking behaviors of children with autism:

Oral -- A kid with this sensory desire wants anything that provides a mouth feel, engaging in activities like chewing, licking, and biting. To assist redirect this particular need, you can buy goods like chewable necklaces and bracelets, or just use a clean washcloth or wristband.
Olfactory -- Kids with this sensory desire usually prefer to sniff and find fresh and appealing smells. A simple means to satisfy this need would be to wash dry out, empty soap bottles and place in vibrant pom-poms that have been soaked in vanilla essence or lavender. Puncture a couple holes in the bottle cap prior to shutting the bottle tight so the smell of this pom-poms can reach the kid and calm them.
Tactile or the feeling of touch -- Ordinarily, children with tactile sensory needs like to stroke or touch various sorts of textures. In order to help fulfill this need, you can prepare a bag of items like a first-aid crinkly blanket (space blanket), large seashells, smooth and cool stones, carpeting square samples, feathers, and soft fleecy materials. |} Encourage the child to touch these different textures so as to calm them.
Visual or the feeling of mild -- Kids who are visual seekers love to check at different colours and lights. There are numerous simple methods to calm children with visual sensibilities including water play, foamy soap, tub paints, bubbles, and empty bottles . It is also possible to attempt tinted lenses glasses, sand timers, and light-up toys. |}
Vestibular -- Kids that are vestibular seekers enjoy spinning and rocking as approaches to balance their vestibular senses. To help calm a child with this specific sensory need, you can give him/her sit-on spinning toys. |} Gradually swinging the kid in a hammock-shaped sheet is also an effective relaxing approach. |} {
Proprioception -- Ordinarily, children with proprioceptive seeking-tendencies love to stomp, tread heavily, and sit down hard to feel the impact. |} To help calm these children, it is possible to offer collision mats and a trampoline for a safe proprioceptive feedback.

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Holiday shopping is tricky, and if you are new to the autism community, then you May be wondering what presents will help your kid and fill their heart with glee. So we requested our Mighty readers what toys that their children with autism loved the maximum. Here's what they had to say:


The Airwalker Therapy Swing:

This therapeutic swing, made of heavy-duty spandex, is a Terrific sensory toy For kids who enjoy moving and turning. Proceed here to find out more or buy it.


Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register:

This solar-powered toy cash register is a great mix of fun and learning. It comes with fake bills, plastic coins and credit cards and is suggested for ages 3 to 8. |} Visit here to find out more.


Sensory Sox:

Therapeutic sensory body textures, like the one above, are great tools for kids Who've tactile issues and people who should develop body awareness. In addition, it is a wonderful place to hide out and calm down for a minute. |} Visit here for more information.


Moon Sand:

Moon sand is sand that does not get messy -- it adheres to itself rather than to Your hands and body. It seems fantastic and comes in vibrant colours, ideal for tactile and visual sensations. To buy it read more about it, visit here.


Bazoongi Bouncer Trampoline with Handle Bar:

Trampolines Are great therapy tools because the repetitive bouncing motion helps kids learn over time how to read impulses from their sensory systems.

pediatricians And scientists all have their advice for parents. But who better to bounce ideas off of than other parents of children on the autism spectrum? |}

MyAutismTeam Is a social network for parents of children with autism that has more than 20,000 members. Described as a"Facebook-Meets Yelp- community," the website uses local reviews of physicians and services and connects members to fellow parents that they can ask for advice. MyAutismTeam also connects parents with 30,000 suppliers, from babysitters to dentists to Taekwondo instructors, who all have experience working with children with autism.

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"Parents Of children with autism constantly worry whether they do sufficient, or do the right things to help their children flourish," Eric Peacock, CEO and founder of MyAutismTeam, said. "We concentrate on making it simple for parents to understand from others who've been in their shoes, so that they don't need to begin from scratch when looking for suppliers that are highly suggested."

Children With autism, much like most children, gravitate to toys and activities for their amusement , and parents have discovered their children prefer certain games over others. To figure out the top present and toy ideas for children with autism, MyAutismTeam lately surveyed 1000 of its members. For World Autism Awareness Month, Here Is What the community voted as their top 10 presents:


In accordance with MyAutismTeam's survey, almost a quarter of responders said the {Favorite toy for children with autism could be the preferred toy among many Americans of all ages: Apple's iPad. |}


As 60 minutes reported
|} Last October, several iPad apps help children with autism learn and communicate, which can often be a battle. retains the attention of several children with autism keeping them engaged for hours. |}

Legos {

From high tech to low-tech, the No. 2 toy on parents' list was a classic: |} Legos. The vivid colours and tactile experience of playing with Legos is a big draw for children on the autism spectrum, who can also use the cubes to express themselves creatively and go through the tactile sensation some children crave when snapping the Lego pieces together. Lego construction sets are fantastic for older children, surveyed parents said.

Sensory toys

Many children with autism fight to process sensory data: Many kids Are sensitive to touch, while others are sensitive to sounds or lights. As a result, presents that appeal to the sensations including plushies and flashlights are popular.

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Gift cards

Parents of children with autism say they turn to present cards to avoid the Awkward"I don't like it" moment. Giving a gift card is a good way to give both the present of flexibility and the present of respite from a socially embarrassing moment.

Video games

Video games can engross children with autism and help them understand and profit Confidence, based on surveyed parents. Many parents said they attract handheld games whenever they are traveling or taking their child to another activity where They will need to sit still for a long Time Period

Play date

Many kids With autism fight to interact socially. Surveyed parents said setting up play dates with other children may help children with autism use their social skills while enjoying the psychological advantage of a friendship connection.


Puzzles are a popular toy of children with autism, based on their own parents. Connecting pieces provides a satisfying tactile sensation, and children enjoy the vivid colours that come into picture as the mystery progresses.


Most children like to be read to, and children with autism especially enjoy A number of the features found in children's books, such as repetition and rhyming. {Classics like"Good Night Moon,""If You Give a Mouse a Cookie," and Dr. Seuss books all use predictive patterns, repetition and rhymes. |} The ability of children with autism spectrum disorder to recall details is astounding. |} Surveyed parents said older children may enjoy novels that concentrate on particular subjects within history and science, full of detailed information that enables them to immerse themselves in the story. {

Educational DVDs, toys and games |}

Children with autism tend to find out more visually or by touch and Therefore, Sometimes struggle with instructions offered in the traditional school settings. Offering interactive educational stuff like DVDs, toys and games including popular brands like Leapster or Leap Pad help children with autism know, while keeping them entertained, based on surveyed parents.

Quality time

Everyone enjoys getting presents, but what better way for a kid to play with The whole family than during good old fashioned quality time. |} An easy, cost Powerful and much desired gift for children with autism is a household's time, Patience and compassion. Baking or doing arts & crafts were popular Activities.