The Toll Digital Marketing Takes On Health

Our goal when building Learnitin5 was to help those looking to get an edge with systems, processes and formulas for making the internet work.

These include the soloprenuer, the mom and pop business owner, executives, and those looking to start a business on the internet whether it be a simple Youtube strategy or helping local businesses.

Either way, the web provides an allure like none other.

The opportunity and ability to make huge waves in income taking you from zero to hero like none other.

The cost is super low to get started, but the question becomes.

Is Digital Marketing Taking a Toll On Your Health?

Here’s what we know for certain.

We all have heard and read the stories of exposure to blue light from staring at electronics all day, every day.

There’s no disputing the science and the effects from it.

But let’s dive a bit deeper – shall we?

How many of us fail to be attentive to the most precious thing we have in this world?

Our health.

From our research, we estimate the vast majority of those looking at the internet to get started are often more distracted, more anxious, and subconsciously looking for the next dopamine hit without even realizing it.

This has contributed to setting up record levels of depression, anxiety and frustration.

Rarely do those speaking from guru land talk about the one thing we need most – systems for more than just making money online and instead how to deal with distractions, trolls, and getting our health back.

The reason is because this isn’t a sexy topic.

This doesn’t sell millions of dollars in courses or coaching.

Instead, it’s one of those “I know. I know. I need to do better.”

But every day we go further down the rabbit hole looking at the next shiny object hoping it fills a void and it’s bringing us closer and closer to a computer screen.

Best selling author, Tim Ferris details his suicidal depression episodes in this post.

This lets you know that no one is exempt from these feelings of anxiousness and anxiety.

So, what can we do?

Step # 1: Exercise regularly

Starting a regular exercise program doesn’t have to be hard or difficult. Simply start where you currently are even if that means walking 10 minutes per day and gradually increase your output.

No need to be a meathead or throwing around massive amounts of weights.

It’s important to just get started.

Step #2 – Analyze your labs.

If you don’t know what you’re blood work is telling you – how do you know where to go?

That means, today make an appointment with a health professional to discuss getting your blood work done.

You’ll find people marketing the likes of test boosters or hcg drops but you should proceed with caution as these are indeed helpful, however it’s important to know where you are before you begin taking these kinds of supplements.

Step # 3: Clean up your diet

This is probably the hardest of them all.

For starters, it would be beneficial to simply eliminate all the sugar first, then proceed to eating a more well balanced diet based.

Of course, this depends on your set of goals and what you’re attempting to do.

The ironic factor about all of this revolves around the fact that all of these play hand in hand.

In the event you have something that is a tad bit off, you can experience depression, anxiety, and stress can cripple you like nothing else.

In closing, entrepreneurs for too long have ignored their health and overall well being.

It’s time to devote as much attention to ourselves both mentally and physically as that of our work and business.


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